Standing at Stud... $800.  or  Pick Of Litter
His true Bulldog looks and personality has
captured the attention of the entertainment
industry. Click on the links & pictures to see
this boys Portfolio and more he has to offer..
Zhurfix Drogba
This is a COMPACT male. Low to the ground and
short in back. His head measures 24"   with superb
layback and great sweep of jaw. A small dog in size
weighing 55lbs of all muscle.  Deep rich red color
with a happy go lucky attitude.
See Zurfix in the Blue Buffalo
Commercial (Blue Basics)
He was six months old on this Job.
Hit his que every time!
See Zurfix in the Go Bright Campaign
Aeropostale Video
This handsome sour mug can be
seen at Times Square NY. NY on the
Jumbo -Tron
See Zurfix on the
National TV
Commercial working
for the Dept of Health
& Human Services
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